How do I apply for the program?
Please send us an e-mail at global.campus@skoltech.ru and we will send you the application form to complete and answer your queries.
I see a lot of overseas program options.
What makes Global Campus different?
Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology is Russia's most modern university, which operates within the Skolkovo Innovation Center alongside 2000+ startups. Our Global Campus program provides a rare opportunity for undergraduate students to pass an internship under the mentorship of professionals in their field of interest as well as study Russian and immerse themselves into the Russian culture.
How and when do I enroll in the program?
Please check the program details on the main page. The first step is to send us an e-mail at global.campus@skoltech.ru and we will send you the application form to complete and answer your queries. We will then provide you a contract with the payment details and the details for your studies.
How do I pay for the program?
Applicants provide us with bank account details and we will then send you a contract with payment details and an invoice with which you will make the payment via your bank. We do not accept checks, cash or travel checks.
What is the application deadline?
Applications are accepted year round.
Do I need to have any knowledge of Russian?
It depends on the startup you will be an intern at, but the Skolkovo ecosystem is English-speaking and comfortable to navigate for international residents. We also provide Russian courses for beginners.
Do I need a visa to participate in this program?
Currently the program runs online, so you will not need to apply for a visa. As soon as the world travel situation changes, we will provide you with the invitation letter necessary for the visa application. You will then submit the application to a Russian Embassy or Consulate that processes visas for citizens of your country. Feel free to contact us for questions regarding visa applications.
What is Skolkovo?
On Sept. 28, 2010, then-President Dmitry Medvedev signed a law "On the Skolkovo Innovation Center," giving rise to the project's managing entity, the non-profit Skolkovo Foundation.

Charged with providing the catalyst for the diversification of the Russian economy, the Skolkovo Foundation's overarching goal is to create a sustainable ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation, engendering a startup culture and encouraging venture capitalism.

The Skolkovo Foundation has identified five key areas of potential growth: energy efficiency, strategic computer technologies, biomedicine, nuclear technologies and space technologies.

To achieve this, the Foundation is overseeing the creation of the Skolkovo Innovation Center, which is composed of companies and startups developing innovative technologies (currently numbering over 1,000), a Technopark, the Skolkovo Institute of Technology (Skoltech), a new graduate research University, established in collaboration with MIT, and Skolkovo city, located near Moscow. Together, these entities will establish a vibrant ecosystem of technology innovation and entrepreneurship. Thirty of the world's most successful corporations, including Boeing, Cisco Systems, EADS, GE, Johnson & Johnson, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Siemens, Nokia, Samsung etc. have already recognized the opportunity that Skolkovo presents, having signed R&D partnership agreements with the Foundation.

Dozens of innovative projects developed by Skolkovo startups have found success in international markets; in particular, equipment for the dynamic modeling of oil and gas fields, next-generation screen displays, and laser systems for soft-tissue surgery.

Surveys have shown that Skolkovo startups are three times more likely to attract investment than non-members.